Refined Power



Ficsit pioneers can now have refined power production that can provide a variety of power generators either to power your outposts or power your main factories.

Multiplayer support:

Refined Power has always had multiplayer support as a high priority for any update and this will not change in the slightest. To make sure that playing with your friends is possible and to have a fun experience! While multiplayer support isn’t 100% finished yet, we do hope we can fix these little bugs in the future!

com mp yes
ea yes exp yes

Note on this documentation

To avoid confusion in terms of number formats, the following format is used:
The . (dot) is used as decimal separator, e.g. in 3.333 m³.
The space is used as thousands separator, e.g. in 3 333 m³.

Consumption and production rates are always given in unit/min unless otherwise noted, e.g. 5 m³ means 5 m³ per Minute.