Modular Power Platforms


These buildings are the bases for all Modular Power buildings, and must be placed before anything else. There are currently 3 different variants: Boiler, Converter, and Cooling platforms.

Building Information

All Platforms

Building Cost

6x Reinforced Iron Plate
20x Iron Rod
2x Modular Frame


All Platforms*

Available with

Tier 3

Research Cost

25x Reinforced Iron Plate
25x Rotor
200x Iron Rod
500x Cable

* All platforms are within the same milestone in Tier 3 (the basic milestone for modular power plants)


Boiler Platform:

These platforms are used with the Modular Power Heaters on the bottom and Boilers on top of the heater.

Converter Platform:

These platforms are used for the Modular Power Turbines & Generators.

Cooling Platform:

These platforms are used for the Co2 Chimney or Steam Chimney.