How to Farming - The Basics

To start your farming career you need a few small initial steps.

Get the Equipment

Head up to the HUB. You will find several new Milestones. Get at least the "Basic Farmer - Building" Milestone.

Find and Dig for Jar of Dirt

Like any other normal Resource you need to find a Resources Node. A (Mobile-)Miner can auto collect this for you. To get the first Seeds the easiest way is to extract Seeds from Dirt in the Workbench. Later you can use the Seed Extractor to automate this process.

Build your first Farm

With Seeds in your hand build a "Farming Platform" first. After that Place a Plot on it. Select the Crop you want to produce and place the seed in it. When the Platform is powered the Plot starts the growing process.

Collect your first Crops

After a while you can harvest the first Crops from the Plot. - Congratulation! -

Close the circle or build a line ?

At this Point you start wondering how to automate the process. The Keypoint of this is getting the "Seed Extractor". When you unlocked this you have 2 options to continue.

  1. Build a Circle (most Popular) Crops will give you only back (multiple) Seeds from this specific Crop. After a while you can split this process so some seeds go back into the circle and some crops into your storage. Pro: Easy setup everywhere Con: Lower Final Output

  2. Build a Line The alternative is to use the Dirt Nodes to create Seeds with the "Seed Extractor". The tricky part of this is that you get random seed types from the Extractor using Dirt, so you will need to us some Smart Splitters. Pro: Highest Output Con: Complex to Setup and "bound" to a Node.

Now you know the basics about farming.

How to Doggo - The Basics

You like Doggos and want to have them around you all the time but also keep them safe? Perfect. To start you need to unlock "Rancher" Milestone in the HUB. Build the Doggo House and provide Food and Water. Yes do this first, it’s very important! Craft a Doggo Cage. Now I wish you luck…​