How to Farming - The Basics

To start your farming career, you need to follow a few steps.

Unlock the Equipment

Head up to the HUB and you will find several new Milestones. Unlock the Basic Farmer - Buildings Milestone in Tier 2.

Locate and Dig up Jars of Dirt

Like any resource node, you need to use the Resource Scanner to find the Jar of Dirt nodes. A Portable Miner can auto-collect this for you.

Begin Seed Automation

You can place a Miner on the node. Node purity dictates the output per minute. A Normal purity node outputs 60 Jars of Dirt per minute from a Mk.1 Miner. Each Seed Extractor can process 30 jars per minute and produce 20 Wheat Seeds, 20 Carrot Seeds, 10 Corn Seeds, and 10 Potato Seeds per minute (60 seeds total per minute). Send the seeds either to Storage Containers or directly to a Farm. Use Smart or Programmable splitters to organize the seeds.

Different dirt types produce different seeds.

Build Your First Farm

Unlock the Basic Farmer - Crops Milestone in Tier 2 to be able to select crops later.

Build a Farming Platform Mk1 first. Place a Crop Plot onto the Platform.

Opening the Platform’s menu allows you to see its internal storage. Opening the Plot’s menu allows you to choose a Crop to grow and see its growth progress.

Go to the Plot and select the crop you want to produce. Connect the Platform to your power grid to start the growing process.

Collect Your First Crops

You can manually collect your crops as soon as a cycle completes. Remember to grab the Biomass Capsules too. Congratulations!

As of Ficsit Farming 4.1.5, manually collecting crops requires drag and dropping them into your inventory. Shift+Clicking will not work.

Crop Automation

At this point you may start wondering why the crops aren’t leaving the Plot.

To have this happen, you need to unlock the Harvester Module under the Apprentice Farmer - Buildings Milestone in Tier 3. Placing it on the Plot will start moving crops to the Platform’s internal storage. If there is a belt connected, the crops will exit onto the belt.

You can unlock more crops and improve crop yield by unlocking more farming equipment in the HUB.

Now you know the basics about farming.

How to Doggo - The Basics

You like Doggos and want to have them around you all the time, but also keep them safe? Perfect!

You need all the Ficsit Farming milestones up to Tier 5. In Tier 6, you first unlock Peat Soil to unlock apples. Farm enough apples to unlock the Rancher Milestone.

Before collecting Lizard Doggos, build the Doggo House and provide Power, Doggo Chow, and Water. Doggo Chow is made in the Cooker with Yosse Berries and Mycelia. One Doggo eats 0.5 Doggo Chow per minute and drinks about 28m3 Water/min.

Be sure that the house is all set up BEFORE you put Lizard Doggos inside or they will start losing health!

Craft a Doggo Cage in the Equipment Workshop. Find a Doggo and left click them with the Empty Cage to carry them with you. You do not have to rush back, they can be held indefinitely in the cage. Once back, drag the Full Cage into the UI of the Doggo House, on the left, and click the Deposit Doggo button. Just to be sure, also click the Befriend All Doggos button. You will get the Empty Cage back in the other side of the UI or it will be put on the conveyer exiting from the Doggo House.

If you need to remove Doggos from Doggo House, currently the only option is to dismantle the house. Be sure you have befriended all the Doggos before you dismantle and they will stay befriended.

Doggos will not stay befriended if they are picked up in the cage and released onto the ground.