Network Distributor


The Network Distributor is the first step to setting up a storage network in the game.

To assign and start using a network, open the Network Distributor buildings UI and click on the Network Information Button at the bottom.

Then, change the Network ID dropdown to the network you desire.

The Building is unlocked in the Basic Networks milestone in Tier 3 Hub.

Network Distributor UI

Adding Networks

You can add a new network by opening any Network Distributor and clicking the plus icon at the bottom.

Give the new network an ID number and a memorable name.

Deleting Networks

Deleting a network can also be done through the UI by clicking the X next to the network you want to delete.

You must ensure that any Distributors assigned to the deleted network are updated.

Resetting Power

When the network is overloaded, and the stored network power is drained, the network power will be tripped.

The Power Reset button will show once the Power is tripped.

Pull down the safety cover in the UI and click the big reset button.