Getting Started

First Steps

The first steps to getting started with Digital Storage is to unlock the first Milestone (Basic Networks) in the HUB.

This will unlock the first buildings and items in the mod.

  • Buildables:

    • Network Distributor

    • Network Power Adapters

    • Network Cable

    • Network Pole

    • Server Rack

    • Storage Terminal

    • Storage Connection Adapter

  • Items:

    • Network Cable

Building Your First Network

Network Distributor

The Network Distributor is the Hub for each network just like a router in your home.

You can only build one Network Distributor per network.

You can change the name of the network in the Network Distributor UI or create new networks.

Using the UI select the network you wish to associate the Network Distributor with.


Just like in game everything needs to be connected. Digital Storage has its own network system.

Each building in the mod will have a Network Connection and a Network Indicator to show if the building is connected to the network.

Connect the Network Distributor to a Network Pole using a Network Cable

The Network Distributor must be connected to a Network Pole and not directly to a Building.

Network Power

Each Digital Storage buildable requires network power.

Adding Power to the network is done using the Network Power Adapter, Simply connect the building to a Network Pole and Power Pole.

The Network Power Adapter can be daisy chained (Both Network & Power) to other Power Adapters.

You will need to specify the network where the power is assigned through the buildings UI.

The Network you specify in the Power Adapters UI will need to be the same network you assigned on the Network Distributor. E.g Power Adapter → Network Pole → Network Distributor

Network Storage

To add network Item/Fluid/Gas storage to the network you will first need a Server Rack.

The Server Rack allows Servers to be snapped and placed inside and has 16 slots (Units) for servers.

A Server can take up 1 or 2 slots in the Server Rack and is identified by the marking (1U or 2U)

You can mix different sizes of server to the Server Rack.


  • Server 1U

  • Server 2U

  • Server 1U

  • Server 1U

The Server Rack has a network connection and will propergate the connection to all snapped servers in the rack.

Network Storage Drives

In the mod, storage can be increased by adding more Storage Drives to the network.

Adding these drives to the Servers UI allows the network to store items in the Server.

The total amount of items a drive can hold is identified in the Item name e.g. DS Drive (256) In this example the total number of items the drive can store is 256.

By default a Drive can hold 1 type of Item. For-example 256x Iron Ore.

You can increase the amount of item types by using Partitions. Each drive has a limited amount of partitions.

Splitting the drive using partitions means you can have multiple item types but less storage for that type.


  • 100x Iron Ore

  • 100x Iron Ingot

  • 56x Iron Rod

Storage Terminals

The Storage Terminal allows you to view and import/export items to/from your inventory.

You can request items directly into your inventory or to the output slots in the UI.

Storage Connection Adapters

A Storage Connection Adapter can snap to Storage Containers and allows an interface to the network.

You can set the Adapter to import or export items to/from the network storage. You can also set the amount the container is to maintain (Keep only 100 items in the container) or to Fill/Empty the container.

The other type of Storage Connection Adapter is the Pipe Connection Adapter which has a Pipe input connection and Pipe output connection.

This allows you to connect directly to your pipe network to import/export to/from network storage.