Ficsit Farming


Ficsit Farming Documentation is in the process of being updated! Warning: contains minor spoilers!


Ficsit Pioneers can get their hands dirty with the Ficsit Farming Mod, automating the production of crops and cooked foods and looking after their friendly doggos in the Doggo house!

Multiplayer support:

Ficsit Farming will have 100% multiplayer support. We aim to fully support multiplayer. If you encounter any bug related to multiplayer please report these on our Discord Server.

com mp yes
ea yes exp yes

What this Mod does:

This mod adds the following:

  • New Buildings

  • New Items/Fluids

  • Milestones

  • New game mechanics for Doggos

What this mod will not add:

  • MAM research

  • Vehicles

  • A Cow