Modular Power Turbines


Modular Power Turbines use High Pressure Steam to produce RPM and convert it to Low Pressure Steam in the process.

RPM is used with the attached Generators you can lower or raise the RPM by discarding any steam and sending it directly out the output connection.

The Low Pressure Steam must be piped out the turbines into a Steam cooling tower or used to create water. If the low pressure steam is not removed from the turbine the RPM will slowly decrease and eventually stop.

They have to be placed on Converter Platforms.

Building Information

Mk. 1 Mk. 2

Building Cost

20x Reinforced Iron Plate
6x Modular Frame
10x Rotor

6x Heavy Modular Frame
10x Motor
4x Computer

Maximum RPM

10 000

25 000

Steam Consumption
(High Pressure)

60 m³

120 m³

Steam Production
(Low Pressure)

60 m³

120 m³


Mk. 1 Mk. 2

Available with

Tier 3

Tier 5

Research Cost*

25x Reinforced Iron Plate
25x Rotor
200x Iron Rod
500x Cable

100x Plastic
50x Rubber
500x Copper Sheets

* Within the milestones, multiple Refined Power buildings are unlocked.