Digital Storage



Convert items into bytes and store massive amounts of items, fluids and gases in buildable servers.

Create smaller networks for outposts or run network cables around the map.

Directly connect to Constructors, Furnaces, Assemblers, Manufactures and more to automate item creation further.

Automated crafting of items using the Crafting Servers and interface to assigned buildings using Crafting Adapters.

Multiplayer support:

Digital Storage will have 100% multiplayer support. We aim to fully support multiplayer, removing any bugs within the first month of release of Digital Storage.

com mp yes
ea yes exp yes

What this Mod does:

This mod adds the following:

  • New Buildings

  • New Items

  • Milestones

  • MAM research

  • Item/Fluid/Gas Storage

What this mod will not add:

  • Vehicles

  • An advanced AI