Network Power Adapter


All network-attached devices require power, which is where the Network Power Adapter comes in.

The Network Power Adapter serves as the intermediary, ensuring that the power supplied from the electrical grid is converted into the precise form needed to sustain the network.

When establishing a new network, a critical step involves manually assigning a network identifier known as the Network ID. Users accomplish this task effortlessly through the user interface, clicking the Network Information button to select the specific Network ID.

If you are starting a new Network, you must manually assign the Network ID. This can be done using the UI and clicking the Network Information button.

A noteworthy feature comes into play once the initial configuration is complete and a Network ID is assigned. Subsequent Power Adapters placed on the network can assign themselves the same Network ID automatically. This automation streamlines the setup process, eliminating the need for manual intervention and allowing for the seamless integration of new devices into the existing network.

Daisy Chaining

Each Power Adapter has a Power connection and a Network connection. Both connections can be daisy chained to other Power Adapters, allowing for a max of 2 cables for each connection point.