Servers are the only storage device for Items / Fluids / Gases. The servers come in two sizes, 1U and 2U. These sizes determine how much space it will take in the Server Rack.

You cannot deconstruct the servers if items are stored in them.

1U Servers

The 1U Server takes up one slot in the Server Rack and can hold 4 Storage Drives.

There are two variants of the 1U Server.

  • 1U Server - Allows Only Items.

  • 1UF Server - Allows Only Fluids.

2U Servers

The 2U Server takes up two slots in the Server Rack and can hold 12 Storage Drives.

There are three variants of the 2U Server.

  • 2U Server - Allows Only Items.

  • 2UF Server - Allows Only Fluids.

  • 2UG Server - Allows Only Gases.

Crafting Servers

The Crafting Server will process crafting tasks and assign recipes to the crafting adapters.

They will store the required/crafted items in a internal inventory and once the crafting task has completed it will send the items into network storage.

The crafting server will process crafting task recipes in sequential order