Modular Power Generators


Generators are built on the Converter Platform and can only function if attached to a Turbine. Power output will fluctuate based on the RPM of the attached Turbine, only producing its maximum output once it reaches the required RPM.

Building Information

LV Generator MV Generator HV Generator

Building Cost

15x Reinforced Iron Plate
8x Modular Frame
50x Wire

4x Heavy Modular Frame
20x Circuit Board
100x Quickwire

5x Supercomputer
20x Heavy Modular Frame
200x Quickwire
15x High-Speed Connector

Maximum Power Output

150 MW

300 MW

500 MW

Required RPM

10 000

17 000

25 000


LV Generator MV Generator HV Generator

Available with

Tier 3

Tier 5

Tier 7

Research Cost*

25x Reinforced Iron Plate
25x Rotor
200x Iron Rod
500x Cable

100x Plastic
50x Rubber
500x Copper Sheets

200x Computer
100x Heavy Modular Frame
50x High-Speed Connector
250x Alclad Aluminum Sheets

* Within the milestones, multiple Refined Power buildings are unlocked.