Ficsit-Networks is a mod for Satisfactory that adds computer hardware, network connectors, modular interfaces, and software tools that enable you to control, monitor, and manage numerous aspects of your operations.

To use the mod, install it using SMM and SMR.


Ficsit-Networks introduces a powerful new layer of automation functionality to Satisfactory using a combination of networks and in-game computers running code that you write! With proper application, this mod can allow you to:

  • Perform detailed storage and power monitoring

  • Reconfigure production lines with the flip of a switch

  • Automate over/underclocking live with demand

  • Fully manage truck operations based on vehicle inventory

  • Create audio and visual signals in response to factory state

  • Any combination of these things and much more!

What this mod is (and isn’t)

If any of this sounds interesting to you, then read the following carefully:

This mod is not designed with ready-made solutions out-of-the-box. For example, you should not expect to download FicsIt-Networks, plop down a "storage monitoring" buildable, and go on your merry way.

Instead, FicsIt-Networks is designed as a set of open-ended tools that give you an entirely new "axis" on which to solve problems you encounter in your game…​

…​as long as you’re willing to learn to use the tools!

So, if you like a challenge AND want to take your Satisfactory operation(s) to the next level, then you are in the right place! These docs will help to get you up-to-speed with the information necessary to use this mod to its fullest potential.

If you have any questions—​or just want to join a community of folks learning the mod right alongside you—​then check out our Discord server and get involved!

Coding in FicsIt-Networks

This mod provides you with everything you need to connect components in your factory to a computer network for additional processing by one or more computers. However, connecting components is only the start.

FicsIt-Networks enables you to interact with networked components using the Lua programming language. Lua is a simple and easy-to-learn language for experienced coders and newbies alike.

If you are new to coding, or simply want a quick lesson in Lua syntax, we highly recommend looking at a basic tutorial or the Lua documentation first. The FicsIt-Networks docs are designed to build upon a rudimentary understanding of Lua, so you won’t need a great deal of knowledge to get started.

Once you feel that you have an understanding of how to write a basic script, head over to Lua Getting Started Guide to learn how to interact with components in your factory using the language. There are even examples that will help you get started.

To ask questions, share scripts, or generally learn more about using the mod, check out our Discord Server!

Documentation Structure

This documentation is seperated into six sections:

  • The Basic Concept section is a surface-level explanation of the mod’s structure, e.g. elements of a network and an introduction to the Reflection System.

  • The Buildings section lists all constructable buildings you can place using the build gun.

  • The Items section lists all items the mod adds which you can craft in a crafting bench.

  • The Lua section contains everything related to using the Lua programming language with FicsIt-Networks.

  • The Reflection section contains a reference for the Reflection System, including all the classes, functions, and properties that are used to interact with the game.

  • Additional pages (Network Trace, Reflection, and Mod Integration) provide a look into the deep technical aspects of the mod and how the different systems work.

Mod Development

Currently, the mod implements the Lua Programming Language. The mod is structured in such a way, it can be extended with other languages even by optional additional mods. For now, however, the mod focuses on a good Lua implementation.

The mod is still in development and endeavors to improve the ease of use. One such venture is FicsIt-OS. We try to create a system allowing players to easily reuse pre-made scripts from other users. But this is a venture for now.
Tho even right now there are ways to share scripts between players.