FicsIt-Networks is a mod for Satisfactory that adds computers and computer networks to the game.

In the current state of the mod, the main goal is to allow the player code in-game Lua code that allows you to control, monitor, manage and automate your factory.
This also means the mod wont make your life easier. The mod is intended to add completely new gameplay mechanics just like a good DLC.

To use the mod, install it using SMM and SMR.

To allow the player maximum control, currently the mod only implemented the Lua-Programming Language.
The mod is structured in such a way, it can be extended with other languages even by optional addition mods. For now the mod focuses on a good Lua implementation. Don’t be scared tho!
Lua is a fairly easy programming language and designed for absolute programming beginners.
Important to note is, Lua is highly customizable by its embedding nature. This means even if you already have some experience with Lua, the API is quite different from application to application.
This documentation doesn’t focus on "how to code with Lua", instead if focuses on how to adapt your Lua-Knowledge to the FicsIt-Networks environment.
The Documentation will link to the official Lua guide often, allowing you to read upon the needed aspects easily.

Checkout the Lua Getting Started Guide to begin using the mod.

The mod is still in development and tries to improve the ease of use.
One of these ventures is the FicsIt-OS. We try to create a system allowing players to easily reuse pre-made scripts from other users. But this is a venture for now.
Tho even right now there are ways to share scripts between players.

To learn more about sharing scripts or generally using the mod, check out our Discord Server.

Documentation Structure

The documentation is seperated areas.

  • This current main area provides pages into the deep technical aspects of the mod and how different systems work. These pages explain in-depth how to make the most out of the mod.

  • The Building-Section lists all constructable buildings you can place using the build gun.

  • The Item-Section lists all items the mod adds which you f.e. can craft in a crafting bench.

  • The Lua-Section contains everything related to the Lua programming language. Which is the current only way to use the mod.

  • The Reflection-Section contains a dump of the reflection system.
    This means it contains all the classes, functions and properties that are used to interact with the game. There are language specific things which are placed in their respective sections, but this section contains teh whole API references to interact with f.e. constructors.