Wireless Access Point

Building Type

Buildable Network Component

Max Network Connections


Build Gun In Game

The Wireless Access Point allows you to send network messages over long distances without placing cables.

Each Wireless Access Point should be built on top of an existing Radar Tower, and it requires that the Radar Tower is powered in order to broadcast or receive network packets.

The Wireless Access Point allows only network messages to pass through, using a Network Card.

Wireless communication requires that the signal between two towers is strong enough. The maximum distance for each Access Point is the same as the in game Radar Tower discovery range, so a WAP attached to a tower built higher in the map has a wider reach.

Two WAPs can communicate between them if their range overlaps, or if there is a third tower in the middle acting as a Repeater Tower. Remember that each Radar Tower requires a Wireless Access Point.


You can interact with any Wireless Access Point, which shows a detailed map with all the radar towers and the connection state between them and the current WAP.

Hovering each tower in the list you can highlight it on the map, plus a tooltip will show eventual problems.