Computer Case

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|Max Network Connections |1

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The Computer Case allows you to build dynamically a computer with different modules. Each module provides then a functionality you might need like a processor or RAM. The Computer Case is like the mother board which connects all the different modules together and is then capable of running programs.

It also manages the EEPROM, you need at least one EEPROM which then holds the boot code of the computer. The type of EEPROM varies between processor types, because different processors use different types of code.

You need exactly one processor for the computer case to work.

Computer Modules

Computer modules provide different additional features to a computer.
A CPU f.e. decides how the computer will process data and what kind of EEPROMs are allowed. Multiple RAM modules can be used to increase the internal memory of the computer.
The computer case provides a slot places wer you can place these modules with the build gun. You can freely arrange these modules and fully customize your computer this way.


You can only install one CPU into each computer case. This CPU then decides how the computer will process data and actually run a program. The Lua CPU f.e. allows you to execute Lua programs. Since the underlying data structure my vary between implementations, the installed CPU also decides which EEPROMs can be used in the computer.


The PCI-Interface of a computer allows addressing/referencing computer components directly.
PCI-Devices is the name for this kind computer components.
This Interface usually is exposed by the computers kernel and the specific CPU implementation. It should provide a function that allows you to retrieve a list of, in the computer case currently installed PCI-Devices of a given type.
Have a look at this example to see how it is done in Lua.