Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine Mechanics

Power production is dependent on wind speed and efficiency, which is depending on the height at which the turbine is placed. Maximum efficiency will be reached at around 300 m and above.

The wind turbines have an area effect. Any other wind turbine within this area will drop the power output to 0 MW.
Press R to visualize the area. It will turn red if there is another turbine within it.
The area is only relevant for turbines of the same type, e.g. a Mk. 1 and a Mk. 2 wind turbine can be placed next to each other.

Turbines can be daisy-chained, each allows for two power lines.

If you don’t like the fluctuation of the power output, you can disable that in the main menu. Important: The turbines will then be limited to half of the maximum output.

Building Information

Mk. 1 Mk. 2 Mk. 3

Building Cost

20x Iron Plate
30x Iron Rod

20x Concrete
20x Steel Pipe
10x Encased Industrial Beam
5x Motor

50x Fabric
100x Cable
40x Alclad Aluminum Sheets
50x Heavy Modular Frames

Maximum Power Output

30 MW

100 MW

150 MW

Area Radius

3 foundations*

6.5 foundations

9.5 foundations


Mk. 1 Mk. 2 Mk. 3

Available with

Tier 1

Tier 5

Tier 7

Research Cost

200x Iron Plate
150x Iron Rod

200x Encased Industrial Beam
500x Quickwire
50x Heavy Modular Frame

200x Heat Sink
150x High-Speed Connector
50x Heavy Modular Frame

* Advice: Placing both turbines on the center of their foundations is slightly too close.