Tags and Tag Search

The Satisfactory Mod Repository (ficsit.app) features a tag system to help users find mods relevant to them. Example tags include "buildings", "equipment", "qol", and "cheats".

Remember that tags are intended to be general categories, so your personal thoughts on a mod’s features and balance may vary from what tags have been assigned to it.

The Satisfactory Mod Manager does not support filtering or displaying mod tags at the time of writing - you will have to browse the website to use this feature.

Use tags to filter down your search results for mods. For example, if you want to find all mods that add new equipment, go to the Mods page and click the Filter…​ button, then click the #equipment tag. Hover over tags to see a description explaining the purpose of the tag.

Creating New Tags

The list of tags is managed by the site moderators to avoid an abundance of low-mod-count tags. If you have an idea for a new tag, suggest it on our Discord server.

Mod developers and site moderators can attach tags to mods via the Edit Mod page. If a mod has been tagged with an irrelevant tag, site moderators may choose to remove the tag from that mod. If you believe a mod has been mistagged, please discuss it on our Discord server.