Quality of Life Mods

This page serves as a temporary solution until the Mod Tags system is implemented on the Mod Repository.

Mods in this list are generally considered by the community to add convenient, quality-of-life-improving features to Satisfactory without significantly affecting the game’s balance or progression.

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Mod List

Last Revised November 25th, 2023

Note that the short descriptions here do not explain the whole mod - read the linked mod page for more details.

  • Alternate Recipe Research: Choose which alternate recipe to unlock with your hard-earned hard drive.

  • Any route for any vehicle: Enables the ability to copy routes from any vehicle type for use with any other vehicle type.

  • AreaActions: Another building mod, but with finer control (be sure to enable build cost, or it will place buildings for free).

  • Build Gun Utilities: A wide variety of utilities for your measuring and building needs check mod page for more

  • Build Menu Organiser: Hide / Show or change the categories of your items in your Build Menu.

  • Cable Choices +: Style your power grid! Powerlines with twice the length, add-ons for power towers, railway adapters, more powerpole styles, and a wide variety of looks for cables including lightup effects. Everything interacts with the customization system and it’s multiplayer friendly.

  • Crash Site Beacons: marks every unopened crash site with a special map marker.

  • Construction Preferences: Adds configurations for what pole tiers you want to use by default

  • Customizable HUD: You can customize what you see on your HUD.

  • Daisy Chain Everything: Increases the number of power connections on all buildings, both vanilla and modded.

  • Double Jump: Jump and then jump again.

  • Efficiency checker: Helps you optimize your factory with live displays.

  • Early Map Redux: Instantly unlock the map with no fog of war. Removing mod returns unexplored fog of war.

  • Finer Foundation Rotation: Lets you rotate foundations by 1 degree when using fine rotation.

  • Flashlight Settings: Allows you to customize the brightness range and various other things of your flashlight.

  • Fluid Extras: Multiplayer friendly. Features several new fluid junctions styles, an alternative mini water extractor, and an A.I. Packing machine. This is still beta and may contain issues.

  • Gardener Toolkit: Tools for preserving the flora of the planet intact.

  • Grid Ruler: Build the Grid Ruler to create a grid on your map with some distance indicators.

  • Hide Researched Milestones: After complete a milestone, you will not see it in your HUB anymore.

  • Hover Pack Stabilizer: Prevents hover pack from drifting.

  • Hub Terminals: Adds a Hub terminal buildable to prevent running back and forth. Buildables will not persist to vanilla.

  • Infinite Zoop: Allows for further zooping with unlocks from the HUB.

  • Infinite Nudge: Removes the distance restrictions from Nudge.

  • Item Dispenser: Gives stacks of items it gets from the connected conveyor.

  • Item Hopper: You put stuff in it and it puts it on the conveyor coming out of it.

  • Just Pause: Allows you to pause the game

  • More Inventory Slots: There are many mods that add more inventory slots. Pick your favorite from this list.

  • Linear Motion: Build elevators and vehicle lifts that bring you up into the sky.

  • Location and Rotation: Adds a small hud in Build mode indicating the position and rotation the currently selected buildable has.

  • Longer Beams: Build longer beams.

  • MAM Enhancer: This mod modifies the base game MAM, HUB, and AWESOME Shop UI to provide additional information to the player and improve the user experience. Multiplayer Compatible

  • Manta Raise: adjusts the flight altitude of the large sky flap-flap to fit your buildings.

  • Micro Manage: Copy/delete/move/rotate/resize buildable objects in your factory. Helps with pretty builds.

  • MiniMap: It’s a minimap.

  • Modular Load Balancers: Adds a modular way to balance multiple conveyors, make any sized or shape load balancer you want! Buildables will not persist to vanilla.

  • Molluscophobia: Replaces power slugs in game with crystals. For people who are afraid of slugs

  • More Sign Spots: Adds more Sign attachment points to vanilla buildings. Placed signs will remain even after the mod is removed.

  • More Swatch Slots: This mod adds more swatch slots to the game (20 new Slots) color your factory!

  • No Ada: When you finish a research, silence.

  • No Build Animation: Removes materials and parts flying through air during building. Can help improve performance.

  • No Clearance: With this mod your buildings will not have Collision Clearance anymore.

  • No New Label: Removes the new label in menus after unlocking something.

  • No World Bounds: Removes the world perimeter boundaries.

  • Perfect Circles: Allows easy creation of circular foundation arrangements and sweeping curves for easier highway creation.

  • Persistent Paintables: New buildings will automatically be colored according to your equipped Color Gun’s color slot.

  • Automatic Pipe Color: Pipe color will match the fluid inside.

  • Plant Safe Vehicles: Remove (or increase) the range in which vehicles destroy plants when you drive over them! Multiplayer compatible.

  • Power Checker: Check if fuses will blow.

  • Remove Early Access Popup: That’s right, R&D has finally developed a solution to remove this note that you’ve probably read a billion times.

  • Remove All Annoyances: Anything that might be annoying, you can remove it.

  • Resource Node Manager: Organize all your nodes and mining sites. Be efficient!

  • /Stats: See production and consumption statistics of your factories.

  • Settings Copier: Copy various settings from a building into another by pointing and clicking!

  • Shallow Water Extractors: Hologram will turn yellow, but you can still build the extractors.

  • Silent Artifacts: Stops Alien Artifacts from making any sound or triggering ADA.

  • Sky UI: Sky perception configuration. Control day/night/weather aka "the sky".

  • Soft Clearance For Everything: This mod makes all buildings have soft clearance.

  • Start With Customizer: Start the game with all patterns and materials from customizer.

  • Throughput Counter and Limiter: Belt attachment that displays the actual item throughput per minute. Can optionally limit the IPM. Buildables will not persist to vanilla.

  • Vehicle Path Viewer: Adds more markers to defined vehicle paths to make them easier to see.

  • Zippier: This mod allows Zipline speeds and settings to be changed through the mod config menu.

Background Info

This list was initially written by Deantendo as a SMR Guide, then later updated by DaLumma, Savage and Ficsit Industries

Last Update: 11/25/2023, xXdrewbaccaXx

The SMR Guide format was difficult for the community to revise, so it was moved here to the docs instead.