Quality of Life Mods

This page serves as a temporary solution until the Mod Tags system is implemented on the Mod Repository.

Mods in this list are generally considered by the community to add convenient, quality-of-life-improving features to Satisfactory without significantly affecting the game’s balance or progression.

If you have any suggestions for this list, feel free to discuss them on the Discord Server, or add them yourself via the 'Edit this Page' button in the top right.

Mod List

Last Revised February 2nd, 2023

Note that the short descriptions here do not explain the whole mod - read the linked mod page for more details.

  • Crash Site Beacons: marks every unopened crash site with a special map marker.

  • Infinite Zoop: Allows for further zooping with unlocks from the HUB.

  • Construction Preferences: Adds configurations for what pole tiers you want to use by default

  • Expanded Hover Range: expands the hoverpack’s range depending on the Power Pole Tier.

  • Vehicle Path Viewer: Adds more markers to defined vehicle paths to make them easier to see.

  • Micro Manage: Copy/delete/move/rotate/resize buildable objects in your factory. Helps with pretty builds.

  • Manta Raise: adjusts the flight altitude of the large sky flap-flap to fit your buildings.

  • Longer Beams: Build longer beams.

  • Perfect Circles: Allows easy creation of circular foundation arrangements and sweeping curves for easier highway creation.

  • Location and Rotation: Adds a small hud in Build mode indicating the position and rotation the currently selected buildable has.

  • Any route for any vehicle: Enables the ability to copy routes from any vehicle type for use with any other vehicle type.

  • Flashlight Settings: Allows you to customize the brightness range and various other things of your flashlight.

  • Hub Terminals: Adds a Hub terminal buildable to prevent running back and forth. buildable will not persist to vanilla

  • Efficiency checker: Helps you optimize your factory with live displays.

  • Hover Pack Stabilizer: Prevents hover pack from drifting.

  • Persistent Paintables: New buildings will automatically be colored according to your equipped Color Gun’s color slot.

  • Silent Artifacts: Stops Alien Artifacts from making any sound or triggering ADA.

  • Destructible Gas Pillars: Be gone pesky Gas Pillars.

  • Double Jump: Jump and then jump again.

  • Just Pause: Allows you to pause the game

  • Linear Motion: Build elevators and vehicle lifts that bring you up into the sky.

  • Item Dispenser: Gives stacks of items it gets from the connected conveyor.

  • Item Hopper: You put stuff in it and it puts it on the conveyor coming out of it.

  • AreaActions: Another building mod, but with finer control (be sure to enable build cost, or it will place buildings for free).

  • Modular Load Balancers: Adds a modular way to balance multiple conveyors, make any sized or shape load balancer you want! buildable will not persist to vanilla

  • Throughput Counter and Limiter: Belt attachment that displays the actual item throughput per minute. Can optionally limit the IPM. buildable will not persist to vanilla

  • Daisy Chain Everything: Increases the number of power connections on all buildings, both vanilla and modded.

  • Sky UI: Sky perception configuration. Control day/night/weather aka "the sky".

  • More Inventory Slots: There are many mods that add more inventory slots. Pick your favorite from this list.

  • Hyper Boosters: Enter hyper tubes with a boost.

  • Power Checker: Check if fuses will blow.

  • Start With Customizer: Start the game with all patterns and materials from customizer.

  • Alternate Recipe Research: Choose which alternate recipe to unlock with your hard-earned hard drive.

  • Gardener Toolkit: Tools for preserving the flora of the planet intact.

Background Info

This list was initially written by Deantendo as a SMR Guide, then later updated by DaLumma and Savage.

The SMR Guide format was difficult for the community to revise, so it was moved here to the docs instead. Contribution history is now tracked by the git commit history.