Resource Sink

By default, modded items can’t be fed into the AWESOME Sink to gather coupon points since they have no associated point values.

If you’d like your mod’s items to be sinkable, you need to specify how many points they provide when sinked.

SML provides a facility for you to easily load a list of FGItemDescriptors and assign points values to them through the use of a Data Table. Only one of these tables can exist per mod.

Data Table

To get started, go to a Content Browser window in the editor and add a new Data Table asset (it’s an Advanced Asset in the Miscellaneous category). You’ll be prompted to select a Row Structure, pick Resource Sink Points Data from the dropdown. Call it "Points_YourModName" or similar so it’s easy to find later.

You’ll need to create a row in the data table for each item you want to be sinkable. The Row Name does not matter, the Item Class should be the FGItemDescriptor of the item, and the Points column is how many points it’s worth in the sink. You can go to the Satisfactory Wiki to see how many points each vanilla item is worth for comparison. Consider making your item worth more points than the sum of its components to encourage crafting and sinking it as opposed to just sinking the raw materials. You can see the "point profit" of various vanilla recipes here for comparison.

There is an additional column, Overridden Resource Sink Points. This should always be set to -1. CSS uses a script to automatically calculate point values for them, and they use this column to manually override their generated values. Since we are specifying our values by hand, we don’t have any use for this column. If you were to specify a value other than -1, the game would select the higher point value of the two fields.

Registering the Data Table

Now we just need to tell Satisfactory to load the contents of the data table. Thankfully, SML can do this for you using the Game World Module. Simply set the M Resource Sink Item Points Data Table variable in the defaults tab (in the Advanced subsection) to your own just created data table. SML will read the contents and adds them to the resource sink systems for you.

Overriding Vanilla Points Values

It is possible to override the base-game’s specified points values for an item by listing it with a new points value in your mod’s Resource Sink data table.

In the case that multiple mods specify a points value, the points value of the last mod to load will be the one used by the game.