Resource Sink

Right now you were not able to put custom items into the resource sink to gather coupon points.

SML provides a facility for you to load a list of item descriptors referred with their new associated count of coupon points you get when you recycle the item for the first time.

Data Table

If you want to define the amount of coupon points, you will need to create a data table with Resource Sink Point Data as type of row.

In the data table now add for each item descriptor you want to add a new row, select for Item Class your descriptor and change Points to the amount of coupons you want.

With that the data we need is fully created.

Registering the Data Table

Now we just need to tell SF to load the contents of the data table. We do this by using the InitMod actor. Simply set the M Resource Sink Item Points Data Table variable in the defaults tab to your own just created data table. SML will read the contents and adds them to the resource sink.