Satisfactory Pak Loader

The SPL makes it possible that modders don’t need to write a .dll mod to initiate the mod loading.


InitMod is a special Actor which gets spawned in the boot-up process of the map, so that you can f.e. register new items. The actors class needs to be located in a specific folder in your project root. That folder needs to have the exact name of the final pak you will deploy to the users. f.e. if the pak you will deploy is called DocMod_p.pak you’re actors path needs to be /Content/DocMod/InitMod.


If not only want to use the constructor and begin play for doing stuff in the boot process. You can let your class derive from ASMLInitMod were you can override the the Init and PostInit functions.

The ASMLInitMod also already provideds a basic shematic registering implementation. That means you just need to add the shematics you want to register to the mSchematics array and they will get registered automatically.

Init Menu

InitMenu is nearly the same as InitMod just for the main menu. The normal InitMod gets spawned when a normal gameplay session runs. The InitMenu gets spawned and initialized in the main menu.

If we use the same example fron InitMod the InitMenu would be located in /Content/DocMod/InitMenu.


The provided basic class you eventually want to use is called ASMLInitMenu and provides the Init function you can override to do some crazy stuff in the menu.