We currently don’t really know how the power network works, but we do know how we can use it, and in this chapter, we explain it to you.

If you want to make changes to the power settings of a machine. (Settings values of FGInventoryComponent) and other stuff, then you should definitely perform this call in the Factory Tick.

The Power-Network consists of three key components.

  • UFGPowerCircuit

    This class manages a power network (aka. PowerCircuit) itself. It gathers data about the current production and consumption of the network and decides what needs to happen.

  • UFGPowerConnectionComponent

    This is the component used to connect components/machines. It manages cable connections and hidden connections from other connection components to itself. It f.e. limits the number of cables you can attach to it.

  • UFGPowerInfoComponent

    This component represents the needs of a power consumer/producer itself (like production, consumption). If you want to know if your machine has power or make it consume power, you will need to use this component.


This class manages is a connection point for wires and hidden connections to "transfer" energy.

  • M Max Num Connection Links

    Max number of connections allowed to get connected to the connections

  • M Is Hidden Connection

    If the connections should be hidden (no cables allowed)

  • M Wires

    The list of connected wires (cables)

  • M Nb Wires connected

    Number of wires connected to this component

  • M Circuit ID

    The ID of the connected power circuit

  • M Hidden Connections

    The list of hidden connections (f.e. train rails)


This class handles and contains information about the needs and status of a power consumer/producer.

You need to use the provided member functions (nodes) to set/get data like:

  • Target consumption

    The amount of power the power consumer needs to work

  • Base Production

    The amount of power the producer produces definitely (like a geothermal generator) and doesn’t get decreased dynamically like a fuel generator.

  • Dynamic Production Capacity

    The max amount of power the producer can provide. (used to limit the dynamic production)

  • Actual Consumption

    The consumption used in the last tick of the power grid.

  • Regulated Dynamic Production

    The amount of power provided to the power circuit in the last tick.

  • Has Power

    If the consumer has actual power