To-Do List and Shopping List

Satisfactory offers players a to-do list to keep track of items to craft and leave notes for themselves and other multiplayer players.

The list is displayed on the right side of the screen when it contains something, and players can edit the contents of the list by clicking on the right side of the screen from most GUIs (build gun, codex, etc).

Shopping List

The shopping list portion of the to-do list is a list of items that the player wants to craft. Players can manually add items to it from the codex, crafting bench, and buildgun.

The shopping list can hold arbitrary data, but the base game seems to have only implemented visualization of Recipes and Blueprints.

Obtain a reference to the player’s shopping list via the Get Shopping List Component static function of FGShoppingListComponent.

Adding and Modifying Entries

This functionality has not been tested in multiplayer.

To work with shopping list entries, first call "Get Shopping List Object from Class" supplying the class (for example, recipe) you wish to either add or retrieve info for.

If the entry exists, it will be returned as an FGShoppingListObject_Object. If the entry doesn’t exist yet, the function will return false and you can create one via Construct Object from Class: FGShoppingListObject_Class. Use the Shopping List Componenet as the Outer and your class as the mSubclass.

You can then call Get, Set, Increase, or Decrease Amount to modify the values in the list.


No documentation has been written yet about interacting with the Notes feature of the list. Please add some if you know how to use it.