SML Commands

If you’re looking to create your own chat commands, check out this page.

SML adds two kinds of commands to the game by default, Chat Commands and Console Commands.

Chat Commands

These commands can be run from the in-game chat window prefixed with a /. For example, to run the 'help' command, you’d enter /help into chat.

Note that only the player who runs the command will see the command output.

Chat commands added by mods will also show up when you run /help.

Command Description


Prints information about the SML version. Also lists all currently loaded mods.


Lists all available commands and gives a short description of their function.


Provides a list of currently connected players.

Console Commands

These commands can be run from the in-game developer console which is opened when you press the grave/tilde key (` or ~). If the console does not open upon keypress, check out the Satisfactory Wiki’s page on the Console to try alternate approaches.

In order to use these commands the "Enable Cheats" Session Setting must be enabled for the save. Furthermore, you must run the EnableCheats console command once in the game session before any of the other console commands will work. Because of how the command is implemented, the game will claim that the command is not recognized when you run it, but assuming you enabled the session setting correctly, other cheat console commands will then begin to function.

If you plan to use console commands frequently, consider installing a mod that will automatically enable cheats for you such as Nog’s Cheats.

This list consists of some of the most useful ones, but there are more.

A full list Satisfactory-specific cheats can be found here.

The native Unreal cheats listed here can also be used. Note that to view this link, you must be signed into a GitHub account registered with Epic Games, otherwise it will display as a 404 page. The process to register your account can be found here.

Command Description Category


Teleports you to where your cursor is looking. No range limit. Be careful of teleporting outside of the map by accident.

Cheat Manager


Toggles god mode, making you immune to damage.

Cheat Manager

CheatScript <ScriptName, string>

Executes commands listed in CheatScript.ScriptName ini section of DefaultGame.ini


NoMessages <true/false>

Disables ADA messages on unlocks.



Gives access to all currently purchaseable schematics in the game (including modded ones). It’s recommended that you run NoMessages true first.



Resets your space elevator progress. Does not affect unlocked milestones.



Completes the next available space elevator tier. Does not grant any milestones.


GiveSchematicsOfTier <int, tier number in HUB>

Unlocks all milestones in the specified tier number. It’s recommended that you run NoMessages true first.



Immediately completes the selected milestone in the HUB.



Immediately completes ongoing MAM research.


NoCost <true/false>

Enables or disables the NoCost cheat, which is saved in the save file, and persists even when mods are uninstalled. When enabled, no items are required to build things with the build gun. Crafting stations still require ingredients.


NoPower <true/false>

Enables or disables the NoPower cheat, which is saved in the save file, and persists even when mods are uninstalled. When enabled, buildings still require a power connection, but they require no electricity to run. Vehicles also do not require fuel.


TurboProductionMode <true/false>

When enabled, all items craft instantly in the workbench and workshop. Buildings are unaffected.


GiveItemStacks <Blueprint Path> <Number of Stacks>

Adds a number of full stacks of an item to the player’s inventory. If the inventory isn’t big enough to hold it all, extra slots will be granted as well. You can find an item’s Blueprint Path on the Satisfactory Wiki, finding the content on a reference list, or via searching around for it in FModel. You can also use it to give yourself additional inventory slots via GiveItemStacks "" numberOfSlots


GiveItemsSingle <Blueprint Path> <Number of Items>

Adds a number of individual items to the player’s inventory. Unlike GiveItemStacks, if the inventory can’t hold the items, the inventory will NOT be expanded. You can find an item’s Blueprint Path on the Satisfactory Wiki, finding the content on a reference list, or via searching around for it in FModel.


GiveResourceSinkCoupons <Amount>

Adds AWESOME Sink coupons to the pool that can be printed at an AWESOME Sink. Does not affect how many points it takes to earn the next coupon.


Slomo <Multiplier>

Speeds up or slows down the entire game by the given multiplier. This includes player movement, particles, animations, etc. It has an effect on building operation rate, but not as pronounced as one may expect. For example, 10.0 makes Copper Sheets craft in around 3.5 seconds instead of the 6 seconds they take at 1.0.


SetTimeOfDay <Hour> <Minute>

Sets the world time of day in 24 hour time format.


SetTimeSpeedMultiplier <Multiplier>

Sets a world time of day speed multiplier. Set it to 0 to freeze the day/night cycle altogether.


EnableBuildableTick <true/false>

Enables/disables AFGBuildable ticking, which controls if buildings are animated. They will still produce items at their regular rate even when this is set to false.


PlayerFly <true/false>

Enables/disables the vanilla flying cheat.


PlayerNoClipModeOnFly <true/false>

Enables/disables noclip when in cheat fly mode.



Flips the vehicle you are currently in by 180 degrees. If you’re upright already, it will flip you upside down.


ResetAllFactoryLegsToZero <true/false>

Makes the support legs on all buildings reset to their default height. The boolean argument controls if it should "repopulateEmptyLegs," presumably if they were deleted somehow.



Recalculates the support legs on buildings near the player. If the gap is too large, they will just reset to zero.


FillAllFreightCars <percent full, float>

Fills all freight cars in the map with a nameless, descriptionless placeholder item. The argument controls how close to full they are, with 1.0 being 100% Freight cars that already had items in them when this command was run will have the items emptied instead of set to the fill percentage.



Empties all freight cars in the map of their contents.


HideAllBuildings <true/false>

Hides or shows all factory buildings. They still have collision.


ShowFactoryOnly <true/false>

Hides or shows all terrain, including the skybox and its light. Disables your flashlight when enabled. It still has collision.



Forces active spawners to spawn creatures even if the creature isn’t set to spawn yet (because of day/night restrictions etc.)