Welcome to the Satisfactory Modding Community

Hello, and welcome to the Satisfactory Modding Community and the ficsit.app mod repository!

Below we’ll explain how to find and install mods, as well as how to get help with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, there’s a pretty good chance it has been answered on our FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions page.

If it’s not answered there, or something is unclear, feel free to ask in our Discord server.

Installing the Mod Manager

To use mods you will need to install the Satisfactory Mod Manager (SMM) which takes care of all the configurations at install, and is also the best way to get mods working and into the game. Learn how to install and use the Mod Manager on the Using the Mod Manager page.

Discovering New Mods

All Satisfactory mods are uploaded to the Satisfactory Mod Repository (https://ficsit.app/), but there’s more than one way to peruse the list.

Via the Mod Manager

You can browse the list of all available mods directly within your mod manager! Make sure that your "Show" dropdown is set to "Compatible". Explore the options by scrolling, or search for a specific mod with the search bar. Click on a mod to open its mod page in an details panel to the side.

Via ficsit.app

If you prefer to browse mods on the ficsit.app website, it’s easy to install mods from there too.

Once you’re on the page for a mod, click the 'Versions' button in the top right, then click the "Install" button near the version you’d like to download. This will prompt you to allow the website to communicate with your installed copy of the Mod Manager and handle installing the mod for you.

Suggested Mods

In order to experience Satisfactory as the developers intended it, we suggest you play the game for a while without mods, unlocking at least Tier 6 of the HUB. However, since you’re here, you’re probably not looking to just play the base game! If you’d still like to keep the base-game feel and balance, we maintain a list of community-recommended mods that don’t alter the game’s balance much, if at all. Check out this here.

If you’re looking for new experiences, check out the mod repository! There’s a lot of options to choose from.

Getting Info About Mods

It is up to the mod developer to inform you how to use their mod. Check the mod’s page on ficsit.app for documentation.

Generally, most mods will require you to unlock something in the HUB or MAM before you can use them. Mods can be configured from the 'Mods' tab on the main menu, or from in-game via the 'Mod Configs' tab on the pause menu.

Some mods will provide a support link, such a documentation site or a Discord join link. You can access this from the in-game mods menu via the "Get Support" button. Note that the button will not appear if no link is provided by that mod. It is likely that the same link is present on the mod’s page on ficsit.app.

Making Your Own Mods

Check out this section of the home page for more information.