Configuring Mods

There are two primary ways that mods offer configuration options: Mod Configuration Options and Mod Savegame Settings.

Mod Configuration Options

Mods using the SML Configuration System can have their configuration edited in-game via the "Mods" button on the main menu and pause menu.

Some mod configuration options can only be edited from the main menu. If this is the case, the game will prevent you from modifying them mid-game and explain this in the hover tooltip for the configuration option.

Note that some mods may not offer any configuration options, or may manage them in another manner. If so, it is up to the mod developer to communicate this information to you. Try checking the mod’s page on for more information.

Configuration file location

The FAQ covers where mod configuration files are stored. You should not normally need to edit these files directly.

Mod Savegame Settings

Mod Savegame Settings are special type of configuration option that only apply to a single game file, similar to the base game’s Advanced Game Settings.

You can set Mod Savegame Settings when creating a new save file on the main menu or via the "Mod Savegame Settings" entry in the pause menu.

Mod Savegame Setting file location

Mod Savegame Settings values are stored inside the save file as part of the Map Travel URL, so they can not be edited externally without third party tools.

No third party tools are currently known to support editing Mod Savegame Settings.

Writing a Patch Mod

If you’d like to change something about a mod that you can’t configure, you might be able to write a mod of your own to make that change.

For example, it’s fairly straightforward to create or change a recipe using various community-created libraries.

Check out the modding Getting Started Guide to learn how to make your own mods.