In-Game Clipboard

Satisfactory offers a clipboard functionality to copy-paste configuration options between machines. It’s possible to extend this functionality to work with your own custom buildings.

The AFGBuildable class already implements the IFGFactoryClipboardInterface interface, the interface defining the functions that must be overridden to implement clipboard functionality, so listing this interface an extra time is not necessary.

  1. Create a class with basetype FGFactoryClipboardSettings and add variables for the stuff you want to save in the clipboard

  2. Override the GetClipboardSettingsClass function and set the return value to your class

  3. Override the GetClipboardMappingClass and set the return value to the class of object that uses this clipboard

  4. Override the CanUseFactoryClipboard function to return true

  5. Override the copy and paste functions and implement your own logic

Below is an example implementation from the Circuity mod.