Upgrading from SML 3.5.x to 3.6.x

The contents of this page will change frequently! Keep your eyes on the #modding-info-feed discord channel to be notified when updates are made.

SML3.6 brings support for Unreal Engine 5.2 and the Early Access release Satisfactory Update 8.

First, please read this entire page before you begin updating your mod. It will save you time later to have an idea going in of what to expect while updating.

After you have finished reading this page, follow the directions on the Updating your Mod guide to install the updated engine, starter project, and update your mod.

Have You Updated to Update 8.1 Yet?

If you are updating your mod directly from Update 7 (SML 3.4.x) to Update 8, there are more steps to follow and more changes you should be aware of. Make sure to read the Updating from SML 3.4.1 guide first!

Remember to not install the new engine until you have made a backup copy of the engine files, and Starter Project, as described in the Updating your Mod tutorial!

Not Done Yet

The following features are not quite ready to use yet. This section will change often, so be sure to come back here and check as you update your mods!

Decal_Normal Broken on Modded Parts using Mesh Proxies

Mesh proxies past the first instance may not render correctly. This is a UE5 issue that Coffee Stain is working with Epic Games to resolve. You can work around this for the time being by using a default masked material.

Advanced Game Settings values not saved

The Session Settings page explains how you can create your own Advanced Game Settings. However, their values are not currently saved with the save file. Session Settings still function correctly - their values are saved.

Required Changes

In addition to any specific-to-your-mod issues you may encounter, the changes described below must be made in order for your mod to be updated.

New Wwise Version

With a new Unreal Engine version comes a new required Wwise update for your project. Be sure to follow the Dependencies page instructions to download the new Wwise version and integrate it into your project as you follow the Updating your Mod guide.

Additional Changes

You might not be affected by these changes, but we’d like to draw extra attention to them.

C++ Mod Module Build.cs Changes

You may encounter errors generating visual studio project files for your project.

The InstancedSplines plugin should no longer be referenced in your .Build.cs file and can be safely removed.

You may also need to remove or change some dependencies from the target list, such as PhysX because they no longer exist. Try using the example Build.cs from the C++ Setup page if you’re encountering issues.

Engine Subsystem to Game Instance Subsystem Migration

Every mod loader subsystem that was previously an Engine Subsystem is now a Game Instance Subsystem instead. Functions that use the subsystems now require a world context object. Notable subsystems that have changed include the Mod Loading Library and the Config Manager.

In C++ you must manually supply a context. There are multiple approaches to getting a world context object - if your calling context is an actor, the GetWorld method should work. Otherwise, any object that is specific to the world can be provided, for example, the player.

Blueprint Getter Nodes Affected

If you were previously using an engine subsystem blueprint get node, for example, "Get Mod Loading Library", you will need to recreate it and replace it with the (visually identical) new one.

You’ll see an error similar to Node Get ModLoadingLibrary must have a class specified. when this is the case.

Regenerate C++ Configration Structs

The format of auto-generated C++ configuration structs has changed in response to a change in Unreal Engine.

Errors reported from this issue will not report correctly in the Error List - you’ll have to look at the full output log, as the generated configuration struct will be one of many supposed problem classes listed, including some engine header files that incorrectly appear as part of the error message.

In order for your C++ project to compile, you may have to manually delete any pre-existing auto-generated C++ configuration structs, then compile your project, then generate them again once it’s possible to open the editor. Remember to delete them from outside Visual Studio, since deleting them from Visual Studio does not actually remove the file on disk.

You can also attempt to manually update the generated configuration struct. You’ll have to add {} initializers after every property and change GetActiveConfig to use the new world context approach. For example, if it previously contained the following:

// Includes left out

/* Struct generated from Mod Configuration Asset '/FasterManualCraftingRedux/FMC_FasterManualCraftingReduxConfig' */
struct FFMC_FasterManualCraftingReduxConfigStruct {
    float DocsExample;

    /* Retrieves active configuration value and returns object of this struct containing it */
    static FFMC_FasterManualCraftingReduxConfigStruct GetActiveConfig() {
        FFMC_FasterManualCraftingReduxConfigStruct ConfigStruct{};
        FConfigId ConfigId{"FasterManualCraftingRedux", ""};
        UConfigManager* ConfigManager = GEngine->GetEngineSubsystem<UConfigManager>();
        ConfigManager->FillConfigurationStruct(ConfigId, FDynamicStructInfo{FFMC_FasterManualCraftingReduxConfigStruct::StaticStruct(), &ConfigStruct});
        return ConfigStruct;

Then you should change it to:

// Includes left out

/* Struct generated from Mod Configuration Asset '/FasterManualCraftingRedux/FMC_FasterManualCraftingReduxConfig' */
struct FFMC_FasterManualCraftingReduxConfigStruct {
    float DocsExample{};

    /* Retrieves active configuration value and returns object of this struct containing it */
    static FFMC_FasterManualCraftingReduxConfigStruct GetActiveConfig(UObject* WorldContext) {
        FFMC_FasterManualCraftingReduxConfigStruct ConfigStruct{};
        FConfigId ConfigId{"FasterManualCraftingRedux", ""};
        if (const UWorld* World = GEngine->GetWorldFromContextObject(WorldContext, EGetWorldErrorMode::ReturnNull)) {
            UConfigManager* ConfigManager = World->GetGameInstance()->GetSubsystem<UConfigManager>();
            ConfigManager->FillConfigurationStruct(ConfigId, FDynamicStructInfo{FFMC_FasterManualCraftingReduxConfigStruct::StaticStruct(), &ConfigStruct});
        return ConfigStruct;

Content Registry Rewrite

The Content Registry internals were completely rewritten. Its external API remains generally the same except for these changes:

  • AModContentRegistry is now UModContentRegistry

  • All content-specific registration structs (ex. FItemRegistrationInfo) have been replaced by FGameObjectRegistration. In order to use content-specific ReferencedBy data you will have to cast the UObject pointers to type UClass, then class cast them to the relevant type (ex. UFGRecipe)


In order to use the DOREPLIFETIME macro, you now must use add an additional include: #include "Net/UnrealNetwork.h"

Without it, you will get errors similar to the following:

C3861	'DOREPLIFETIME': identifier not found
C2275 'TheClassYouHadAsTheFirstArgument': expected an expression instead of a type

Enhanced Input System C++ Changes

The GameInstanceModule no longer provides the interface for creating GameplayTag→InputAction mappings, since it was previously modifying one of the game’s config classes, which is unsafe.

Previously, to bind to an action using a GameplayTag, you would add your mappings to the GameInstanceModule blueprint and use the following in C++:

EnhancedInputComponent->BindActionByTag(FGameplayTag::RequestGameplayTag(TEXT("Tag.Name")), ETriggerEvent::Triggered, this, &Class::Function);

The new approach is documented on the Enhanced Input System page.

See this discord conversation for more information.

Hooking CallScope deprecation

TCallScope should now be used instead of CallScope. Using CallScope will produce a deprecation warning when compiling.

Hooking Macro Syntax Change

Hooking macros such as SUBSCRIBE_METHOD() must now be concluded with a semicolon as they are now expressions, not statements. The semicolon was previously optional. See the Hooking page for example syntax.

Editor Viewport Shadows Warning

r.ContactShadows.NonShadowCastingIntensity is set but ignored. Use setting on the Light Component instead.

To get rid of this error, edit /Project/Config/DefaultEngine.ini and remove any lines that assign values to r.ContactShadows.NonShadowCastingIntensity.

Notable New Features

Numerous new features have been introduced in SML3.6 which you may wish to switch your mod over to using or implement as part of a future update to your mod.

Mod Content Registry: Content Removal

The Mod Content Registry now supports requesting to explicitly remove Schematics and Research Trees from registration. Requests for removal follow the same loading time restrictions as new content registration. See the Registry page for more info.

Documentation: Open Source Examples

The documentation now contains a list of open-source mods that you can learn from to develop your own mods. Each listing provides an overview of what kinds of Satisfactory and Mod Loader features the mod uses.

Check it out and consider listing your own mods on the Learning from Open Source Mods page.

Unhooking Support

See the Hooking page for more info.