Overwriting Base Game and Other Mod Content

As of SML3.0, this feature is still being developed. Trying to do this (at the time of writing) will lock up the game.

This page is a work in progess. Please ask on the Discord if you’d like to do this.

It is possible to overwrite content from the base game or from other mods. This is not recommended as opposed to creating your own content that extends it, because mods that overwrite the same thing will likely be incompatible with each other.

Consider using the TweakIt mod by Feyko (ask about it on the Discord), as it may be an easier way to modify content, depending on what you’re trying to do.

If you still want to overwrite content without using TweakIt, the correct mechanism for doing so is a Class Default Override (CDO).

To perform a CDO modification, get the class default object of the class you’re trying to override and change the relevant properties.

This can be done via C++ or in Blueprint with some yet-to-be-written SML helper functions.

Keep in mind that when performing a CDO, you’re not actually 'overriding' anything, you’re just overwriting property values on "archetype" objects.