Extracting Game Files

Having access to the model and texture files used by Coffee Stain can be a valuable resource for creating content for your own mods. This page contains instructions on how to view and extract various game assets.

As a reminder, redistributing these assets should not be done without permission, as they are copyrighted content of Coffee Stain Studios.

If you’re just looking to re-use the exact same icon, mesh etc. as something in the base game for your mod, you should check out the Reusing Game Files page instead.

Extracting Specific Models or Textures

If you’re looking to use parts of base game machines such as item and fluid ports, power connectors, or more, consider taking a look at AngryBeaver’s ModelingTools.

The tool UModel can be used to view game pak file content, and offers options for exporting meshes, skeletons, textures, etc. for use in other programs. Tutorials for using UModel are plentiful online, and a quick search can help you export for the modeling software of your choice.

Make sure to select Unreal Engine version 4.26 when opening Satisfactory pak files.

If you don’t see 4.26 as an option, you are running an older version of UModel and you should download it again from the link above.

You can find a brief tutorial on how to track down an asset for export on the Reusing Game Files page.

Once you have found the asset you want to export, open it in UModel’s UE Viewer and use ToolsExport Current Object and you will be presented with some options for export. We suggest exporting as Static Meshes as glTF 2.0 so that software such as Blender can open them easily.

Note that not all of the content you can extract in this manner is directly useful. For example, directly exporting an FGItemDescriptor is not really helpful.

Extracting Sounds/Music

Because Satisfactory uses the Wwise sound system, extracting game sound files is a different process compared to many other Unreal Engine games.

Thankfully, GitHub user AyrA has created a tool that can extract some of the game’s sound files from the pak for you. You can either download the save editor the tool is bundled with to get the audio files yourself, or play and export the sounds directly from your web browser.

Generating a Complete Starter Project

The Starter Project provided on the SML releases page excludes game models, textures, etc. for copyright and download size reasons. In their place, the Starter Project includes empty "placeholder" assets that, at runtime, will be resolved into the correct assets if you were to reference them, or simply excludes the asset from the project (which is the case for many textures).

It is possible to create a personal version of the Starter Project that includes most of these base game files accessible from within the editor. This version of the project would include models, textures, and other resources instead of their placeholder versions, allowing you to view them in-editor.

Generating this special project file takes a significant amount of time and additional disk space. If you’d like to do this, check out the page on the Asset Toolkit.