Create a Simple Mod

Now that you have learned the core concepts of Satisfactory modding, you can get started on creating your first mod.

To get started, this tutorial will walk you through creating a simple mod that adds the following:

  • The required core functions that register the mod with the game and allow its content to be added

  • A custom recipe to make 1 Wood from 42 Leaves

  • A new item, an ingot called a 'Doc Ingot'

  • A new buildable object that can be painted with the paint gun

  • A basic machine that consumes power and counts the number and types of items that pass through it

These are listed in order of easiest to most difficult.

Knowledge about 3D modeling is very helpful if you want to add new items, buildings, enemies, etc. to the game. If you have an idea for such a mod but aren’t experienced with modeling, consider posting it in the #ideas-discussion channel Discord server or on the SMR Forums. You may find an artist willing to help you. You could also learn how to model in a program like Blender, Meshmixer, Maya, etc.