Blue-Print Interface

The BPI provides multiple helper classes and functions for manipulating the reflection system of unreal.

The Problem

Unreal uses a reflection system to have mainly a proper interface to there visual scripting language called Blueprint. If you want now to add something to this reflection system you were not able to do this through the Unreal Header Tool which provides features for Unreal C++ Devs to create easily proper reflection system interfaces. This is problematic especially if you want to integrate third-party libraries or make your code way more performant.

The Solution

The BPI uses the same interface as the Unreal Header Tool uses but wraps this interface into easy to use builder classes. Through this you can:

  • Attach custom functions to existing UObjects

  • Creating custom UClasses

  • Creating custom functions

  • and many more


The BPI is located under assets/BPInterface.h in the SML root and also provides better structures as the SDK under util/Objects

We heavily recommend using the BPI objects instead of the SDK ones cause the SDK is auto-generated and provides less save implementations.

Please build/attach things with the provided BuilderClasses only in on UGameEngine::Start. Hook it if needed.

::subscribe<&SML::Objects::UGameEngine::Start>([](void* ret, void* _) {
    // Build/Attach here