Web Server

FRM provides a HTTP server that can be configured on a port of your choosing (Default: 8080). This can be modified by either modifying the HTTP_Root value in %SatisfactoryRootFolder%\FactoryGame\Configs\FicsitRemoteMonitoring.cfg (Config File Method), or by Satisfactory’s Main Menu > Mods > FicsitRemoteMonitoring > HTTP Port (Game UI Method).

Accessing the web server can be done via a browser (Tested on Chrome and Opera) at http://localhost:<port>; (Ex. http://localhost:8080)

The web server, by default, is not activated until the appropriate chat command is provided. You may also have the web server auto-start by enabling the Autostart Web Server in Game UI Method, or changing the Web_Autostart in the Config File Method to true.

Chat Commands:

/frmweb start - Starts Web Server
/frmweb stop - Stops Web Server

Web Documents:
The HTML/JS Code for FRM’s Web Server can be found at %SatisfactoryRootFolder%\FactoryGame\Mods\FicsitRemoteMonitoring\www. An alternate path for customization without fear of overwrite is being worked on, once a reliable method is found.

Private Web Server (Apache/Nginx/IIS)
You are able to use a separate web server if you wish to leverage technologies not available to FRM’s Web Server library.

URI Handlers:
There are currently several URI Handlers configured, but more are planned. All paths are referenced from the URL root, and may be seen in their output by adding them to the root URL.

URI Handler: /
Redirects to /index.html