Satisfactory Acronym Vault (SAV)

This page exists to helps remember the excessive amount of acronyms used in our community.

Originally a GitHub repository of its own, it has been merged with the docs.

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In-Use Acronyms

These acronyms are still actively in use.

Coffee Stain Studios (CSS)

Coffee Stain Studios is the Swedish game studio that created Satisfactory.

Satisfactory Mod Loader (SML)

SML is a community-created mod that provides an easy way for other mods to register content, interface with the game, offer user-facing configuration options, and more.

Ironically, SML has changed so much since its creation that it is no longer responsible for loading mods. Thanks to the helpful folks at CSS, mods are now Unreal Engine plugins, and no longer require any special injection code to load.

Although it is possible to create a mod that does not depend on SML, they are very uncommon, as there are few reasons to do so.

Its public source code can be found on GitHub.

Satisfactory Mod Repository (SMR) aka, or the Satisfactory Mod Repository, is the website at which mods, this documentation, guides, and more are hosted.

You can find the source code for the frontend and backend on their respective GitHub repositories.

Satisfactory Mod Manager (SMM)

Satisfactory Mod Manager handles all the steps of installing mods in Satisfactory for you! It works closely with SMR to function. SMM is only responsible for downloading the mods - it has no presence in a running game. SML is responsible for loading mod files at runtime.

Its public source code can be found on GitHub.

Satisfactory Save Editor (SSE)

This name, and acronym, has been claimed by a number of save editor tools. It is most often used when referring to Goz3rr’s editor

Satisfactory Calculator and Interactive Map (SCIM)

Satisfactory Calculator and Interactive Map is a tool made by Anthor, and allows designing production lines, performing some save editing operations, and much more.

The Production Planner and Interactive Map portions each have their own GitHub repositories.

Satisfactory Server Manager (SSM)

Satisfactory Server Manager is a webpage designed to manage and control multiple satisfactory dedicated server instances.

Its public source code can be found on GitHub.

Outdated Acronyms

These acronyms, for one reason or another, are no longer in use. They are kept here for historical purposes.

  • SMB = Satisfactory Mod Bootstrapper (Obsoleted by SML improvements)

  • SPL = Satisfactory Pak Loader (Merged into SML)

  • BPI = Blueprint Interface (Merged into SML)

  • SBL = Satisfactory Blueprint Library (Merged into SML)

  • SPM = Satisfactory Pak Modding (General term for pak modding)

  • SID = Satisfactory Item Dictionary (Outdated)

  • SMI = Satisfactory Mod Injector (Obsoleted by SML improvements)